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  • Companies that automate lead nurturing see a 10% or more bump in revenue within 6-9 months
  • 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for 3 or more years
  • 67% of marketing leaders currently use a marketing automation platform
  • Save time and simplify measuring the ROI of your marketing activities
  • Leadlytics for HubSpot Implementation

Grow Traffic, Convert Leads and Prove ROI with Leadlytics Marketing Automation Services

Achieving critical marketing objectives requires ingenious strategy, backed by crucial insights, before any tactic is implemented. We help you bridge the gap between strategy and implementation through flawless Marketing Ops.

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Leadlytics Marketing Automation Services

Use cases

Marketing Automation for better Engangement Marketing

Engagement Marketing

The content you communicate should match the context of your target audience, based on their buyer journey. Our team of expert consultants will help you create programs that go beyond routine messaging and leverage the tools in your MarTech stack to engage with your audience.

Effective Account-Based Marketing through Marketing Automation

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM is more than just creating tiers of target customers and marketing to them. We can help you set up a best-in-class ABM program. This starts with an underlying data audit and meetings with your team to understand your goals and KPIs for the program. We work with your sales and marketing teams to align on ABM strategies, campaign execution, and measurement.

Conversational Marketing for better conversion

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing helps convert more website visits into opportunities. Your prospects are real people who crave real relationships with the people they do business with. We help you set up a conversational platform to get your sales team in front of the rights buyer and initiate personalized conversation starters.

Workflow automation for Lead nurturing

Lead Nurturing

Put lead nurturing on autopilot with email drip campaigns. We can personalize your emails for each recipient using specific details from your contacts database or CRM (or from our enriched data). With our strategic workflows, leads that you once thought lost or inactive can be engaged through multiple channels and added back to your active pipeline.

CRM, MAP data cleansing and enrichment  for effective email campaigns with better deliverability

Deliverability + CASL + CANSpam

Do email marketing campaigns with at least 98% deliverability. Our expert team evaluates your sending domains and email accounts to modify MX records, improve domain authority, warm-up domains and eliminate/enrich invalid, outdated emails to ensure 98% deliverability for all your campaigns, all the time.

Personalized Email campaign to speed up sales cycle

Personalized Email Campaigns

Rather than send out blanket marketing emails to everyone in your database, upgrade the effectiveness of your marketing through personalized emails that produce better results and significantly higher engagement. Our team helps you use CRM and MAP data to create the best-personalized emails based on user intent and activities.

Sales Enablement through marketing automation

Process Automation with Workflows

We help you design workflows to set up webhooks, score leads, handoff SQLs to sales and easily manage your data in bulk by updating properties, copying values and more.

Trigger internal notifications for your team when a contact takes a noteworthy action, and add tasks to HubSpot CRM or Salesforce to alert your sales team to contacts they should follow up with.

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Do Marketing the Right Way with Leadlytics Marketing Automation Services

Leadlytics helps you cut through the clutter, driving informed, high-performance marketing tactics to yield exciting results that drive revenue.

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Certified HubSpot Solutions Provider

We are skilled at HubSpot implementation and are a part of the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program

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We Make Happy Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some of what our clients have said about our services.

  • Goodbits - Leadlytics happy customer
  • Siemba - Leadlytics happy customer
  • Macromeasures - Leadlytics happy customer
  • Finlead services - Leadlytics happy customer
  • Fatatom - Leadlytics happy customer
  • SalesBath - Leadlytics happy customer
  • Logiticks- Leadlytics happy customer
  • Leadgnome - Leadlytics happy customer
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They believe in us

Matt Benati - Co-founder & CEO - LeadGnome

Matt Benati

Co-founder & CEO - LeadGnome

The Leadlytics professionals are easy to work with and true experts in engaging best-fit accounts. Their B2B Account-Based Marketing strategies were exceptional in generating more top of the funnel leads for our business.

Kannan Udayarajan - Co-founder & CEO - Siemba Inc

Kannan Udayarajan

Co-founder & CEO - Siemba Inc

We had no visibility on the ROI of our marketing efforts and to have a fulltime in-house Marketing Ops team was too expensive for us. Leadlytics made it super easy for us. They have amazing customer service as well.

Kevin Muffley - Digital Marketing Manager - FAT ATOM

Kevin Muffley

Digital Marketing Manager - FAT ATOM

My team loved working with Leadlytics during the course of our six months of engagement. The team there is very skilled and professional. We are very happy with the quality of their services and their commitment to helping us achieve our goals.

Casey Kerr - Founder & CEO - Sales Bath

Casey Kerr

Founder & CEO - Sales Bath

The goal was to keep scaling our activity and this team helped us gain control over the top of the funnel. Their automation services helped us nurture our leads with the relevant content based on where they are in the buyer journey.