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Implementing any successful marketing strategy requires efficient marketing operations, backed by a fully functional marketing automation platform that simplifies your actions and lets you measure results.

If you already have a marketing automation platform, are you leveraging it to its full potential? How well is it letting you engage leads and enabling your sales folks to jump in and close at the right time?

To unlock the full value of your marketing efforts, leverage on our Marketing Automation Services. Below are some of our more sought after services, but if you have a specific need…

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Marketing Maturity Audit

Discovery and analysis sessions with your team to understand your marketing goals, current status and identify the gaps. We provide detailed recommendations for enhancement and improvement to ensure you are utilizing the full potential of your marketing automation platform. We carry out a comprehensive audit and strategize on how to achieve your goals.

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Customized Buyer Journey

Highly refined customer engagement based on location, IP, number of visits, nature of engagement on the website, blogs, Ads, etc. Our team of experts can help you design targeted and trigger-based workflows to give every contact in your database the right attention they deserve, delivering the right message at the right time.

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Lead Lifecycle & Scoring

Lead Lifecycle and Lead Scoring are critical components to ensuring alignment between your sales and marketing teams. We help you create workflows to automate your lead qualification processes to better identify your Marketing Qualified Leads(MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads(SQL). We also document the rules and logic which your team can use as a point of reference when making updates to your programs in the future.

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Tracking, Reporting & Attribution

Marketing Operations are only successful when a marketer understands the channels that generate the most and least opportunities. This enables better campaign execution and more accurate attribution of ROI. We set up customized reports and dashboards that track a host of KPIs so that you know what is working, what needs tweaking, and where to invest your time and money.

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Data Cleansing

Missing information or have outdated data in your customer database? Leadlytics’ Data Research team will execute an all-done cleansing and update your system of record. Bridging alignment between sales and marketing departments starts with proper syncing of data. Your revenue teams should be looking at the same data to ensure maximum efficiency. We handle the efficient syncing of your MAP and CRM.

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Marketing Automation Services: Marketing maturity audit, Customized buyer journey, Lead nurturing, ROI attribution, data cleansing

Plans &

How do you define success? Share your objectives with us and, together, we will create a roadmap to achieve them.


Leadlytics plans & packages: Implementation package

Full implementation of your marketing automation platform, including execution of integration, template setup and training.

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Market Automation
& Audit

Leadlytics plans & packages: Marketing automation audit

Comprehensive audit of your current usage and recommendations on improvements for maximum marketing efficiency.

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Data Cleansing
& Segmentation

Leadlytics plans & packages: CRM Data cleansing and segmentation

Clean up and enrichment of your contact databases (CRM) and proper segmentation of contacts to align with your marketing objectives.

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