Marketing Automation In Depth

A Deeper Dive Into Marketing Automation

A Delaware based SaaS Startup, which was into B2B reply email mining subscribed to Leadlytics Marketing Ops Services in 2018. They hired Leadlytics to implement their marketing strategy and to help them with their Marketing Ops part. This case study on marketing automation explains how we onboarded them to HubSpot All in one platform and helped them with the below.

  • Simplified new lead generation with automation
  • Saved time and improved Marketing productivity with automation
  • Increased opportunities through nurturing
  • Improved customer retention through increased engagement

Leadlytics helped them to leverage marketing automation to increase new lead generation. With HubSpot Workflow Automation, Leadlytics enabled them to automatically qualify more prospects and quickly develop them into sales-ready leads. Also, the automated lead scoring was set up to help their sales team prioritize follow-up activity based on multiple factors so they can pursue the most promising leads first.

Saved Time and Improved Marketing Productivity with Automation

With Leadlytics, they were able to explore the full potential of the HubSpot platform. ie, to increase productivity and efficiency through marketing automation, generate more opportunities through prospect nurturing, better engage existing customers, and quickly and easily identify new prospects.

The proper implementation of HubSpot workflows also helped them to ensure that leads don’t fall through the cracks. With lead recycling, those not ready to buy or inactive prospects were engaged through multiple channels and were further nurtured until they were ready to return to sales. Leadlytics enabled them the maximum exploration of their existing customer database(CRM Data) to identify prospects rewarming after long periods of going dark, and help us bring these prospects back in the sales cycle. 

Increased Opportunities through Nurturing

Every lead who engaged with any piece of content can be targeted specifically based on the nature of their action, the pages they visited, the frequency of visits, etc. Automating these timely actions helps to build relationships with qualified prospects, regardless of their timing to buy, which is a critical part of the sales cycle in today’s climate. “HubSpot workflows were implemented to create multiple nurturing programs that are based on segmentation and engage different types of prospects in a unique and therefore highly-relevant manner which would have been impossible if not through a highly potent marketing automation solution like HubSpot and an Implementation specialist team like Leadlytics” Says Mike, the CMO. 

Improved Customer Retention through Increased Engagement

Although the initial focus was on the top of the funnel, Leadlytics proposed the opportunities they had in their existing customer base. Together we worked out a strategy to more deeply engage their existing customer base. With HubSpot automation capabilities and the levels of personalization we could achieve based on the data we had about each one of them, we structured an engagement marketing strategy to deepen their relationship with customers. This not only helped with retention but also generated new upsell/cross-sell opportunities which fueled their revenue growth.

“Visibility is the key to take the next step. With Leadlytics, we explored new dimensions of Marketing and we now have a system that helps us see what returns from every penny we invested. We look forward to continuing to leverage the benefits across our sales and marketing organizations,” said Mike, the CMO. 

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