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Georgia Based Cybersecurity Startup, Increases Leads by 4x for Sales Team

A Georgia based Cybersecurity Startup offering Managed Security and Compliance Services for Enterprises all across the world hired Leadlytics to implement an Inbound methodology. This case study illustrates how we helped that startup achieve their goals with Marketing Automation. Until then, most of their leads were through outbound efforts and referrals. Leadlytics designed an Inbound Strategy and Implemented Hubspot as the CRM and Marketing Automation Platform for their team.

We helped them set up nurturing Workflows tailored to their two main personas, which are founders, CXOs of Startups, and IT Heads of enterprises. They were then automatically driven through the funnel with email campaigns that were relevant to them. These Lead nurturing campaigns helped them push their leads fast through their buyer journey. Based on stats, after Implementing HubSpot as their Marketing Automation Platform, their sales cycle reduced by 30%.

All their existing contacts and interactions with the company are now transferred directly into the HubSpot CRM, so they get more profound insights into their leads. They saw the results of these efforts, almost immediately after the HubSpot Implementation; in its first month, it achieved a 40% increase in website traffic and are seeing a 20% month-on-month growth.

6 months after implementing HubSpot and the Inbound methodology, its web page view increased by 74%, and marketable leads have increased 4x.

“I recommend Leadlytics Marketing Automation Services to any other company that wants to go all-in with inbound marketing” – Co-founder & CEO

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